It’s an incredibly exciting time to be getting involved in the beauty and wellness industry. If you’re beginning your journey and training now, you will be on the cusp of an entire industry’s reinvention following 2020’s upheaval.

Wellness Trends

So what’s in store for beauty and wellness in 2021?

We saw the industry take a hard look at its exclusivity, both in class and in race, last year. Experts say this will continue into 2021 with a focus being placed on uplifting black-owned and local businesses. South Africa in particular is brimming with local talent in the beauty sphere so training in this industry means you will be part of an ever-growing and inclusive community.

“Patients are asking really smart questions and are a lot smarter about ingredients and what to use…I think it’s definitely changed the landscape quite a bit,” says Michelle Henry, MD, a New York City dermatologist, says in an article by WellandGood .com published earlier this year. This means beauty and wellness professionals will need to know their stuff and approach sessions with authenticity and expertise. It’s more important than ever to really focus on theory!

Self-care is community care

As you consider your role in the wellness industry, we implore you to consider that you are not an individual but rather part of a greater community of helping people help themselves and others. Beauty and wellness are so closely connected to overall wellbeing and as an expert or trainee it is important to start this journey off by knowing that you will have a profound impact on people.

We are going to see an evolving industry over the next few years and it’s going to be exciting to be a part of it. Apply for your course today or contact us if you have any questions!

Stay safe out there!

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