Have you ever wondered what a typical day at the Life Spa Training facility looks like? We’ve asked 2 therapists and a student to give a little insight into a training day giving you a sneak peek into the exciting programmes of Life Spa Training powered by Madge Wallace.

A Day in the Life of a Lecturer:


B-tech degree in Somatology 

Why I went into the industry: I have the pleasure of training like-minded individuals who are eager for knowledge and enthusiastic to get their career started.

Being responsible for that happiness in others is what made me fall in love with the beauty industry and once I stumbled upon education, I fell in love with it even more.

I feel instant euphoria when I see my learners flourish and make their mark in the industry.

My typical day is a lot of planning. A lot of time and effort goes into planning lessons and deciding how you, as a trainer, plan on executing the lesson. I have a responsibility to not only impart knowledge but to ensure that my learners understand and are able to explain the information to their clients.


Senior Beauty Training Specialist

Why I went into the industry: My passion for education is what drives me. Something I say to my students all the time is “Work smart, not hard.”

Mornings usually begin with a strong cup of Java and a review of the days lesson plan.

As the students trickle into class laughter and chats echo through the college and before we know it, it’s time to start!

We begin with explaining the day’s lesson plan to the learners, so they have clear direction.

Theory begins. These sessions are filled with questions and debates. As a lecturer you need a thorough understanding of the content you are teaching, as being a subject expert enables you to prepare for any kind of question the students might have.

Break time! Then… practical class. 

Facilitating practical lessons requires perfect demonstrations and lightning-fast responses for your students so not to disturb their treatment flow. It’s in this environment that we find the teachable moments to transform a good therapist in the making, to a great one!

The students end their lessons for the day and the college becomes quiet again, this is when lecturers get stuck into their admin, be it marking, planning or moderating we use this time to our advantage to reduce the load.

Once complete we leave with full hearts and tired eyes. A job well done.

A Day in the Life of a Student:


Diploma in Skincare and Body Therapy, Certificate in OPI Nail Technology, iTec Diploma for Beauty Specialists and Cidesco Beauty Therapy Diploma

Why I started at Life Day Spa Training: Besides absolutely loving the industry, my passion is to help people feel great about themselves. I know Life can help me achieve this.

As a student there are no typical days! My mornings usually begin at 6am. After I have had my morning coffee, I grab something small to eat, plan my day, and then head to the facility.

I go to my classroom for the day and start to do my bed set up and unpack all my products on my trolley needed for that day’s practical lesson.

Once I am done with all my set up, I go and sit outside in the garden with my 2nd cup of coffee for the day (caffeine is essential for student life). This is where I spend most of my mornings, before classes commence, talking with my friends. From about 8:30am we all are in class and then start class at 9am.

Loren, my Advanced Aesthetics lecturer, starts our day off with some theory. Recently we were taught about chemical peels. I always enjoy my theory classes; I learn something new every single day. After a short break we all head back inside and start with our practicals for the day. For chemical peels, for example, we were shown a step-by-step demonstration on how to do a peel. Once we all felt confident, we then started by taking turns and practising on each other. So… not only did I learn how to perform a chemical peel, but I also got one!

Once everyone has worked, we pack and clean all our things up and I start doing my teaching training for the day. This is when I do any admin work for the college, get taught how to teach, see how a college runs, mark any tests, and do any lesson planning for some subjects I myself will get the chance to teach! Extremely exciting!

I do this all until 4pm, which is sadly when my day ends. I honestly look so forward to my days at college. I absolutely love this industry and I am lucky enough to be surrounded and inspired by such amazing people.

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